Wednesday, November 21, 2007

May She Rest In Paradise

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I'm sure by now most of you have heard about Dr. West (Kanye's mom) passing away last week. It was an unfortunate lost. It hurts me to see this because i'm close to my grandmother and it always brings me to reality. So if you have a loved one show a little love. It's the holidays yall, have a lil spirit.

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What was slated to be the physician, Dr. Jan Adams, telling his side of the story to Larry King on the CNN program, turned into Adams taking off his microphone live on the air and declining to comment. The surprising move was, according to Adams, in response to a last minute plea by the West family not to speak out about the procedure. Adams said that he was respecting the family's wishes by not speaking out on the matter. "I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for the West family and they have asked me not to go on," he said. "And I've said from the very beginning, I don't have a side in this. They are my side and so I'm going to respect their wishes." When King asked if the cosmetic surgeon would field questions at a later date concerning the matter, he responded by saying, "When they're comfortable, then I'll be comfortable. If they're never comfortable, then I'll never be comfortable. They are what's important to me. I said that from the start and that's what I'll continue to honor." The show aired on the same day that the funeral for West was held in Spencer, Oklahoma. The funeral was attended by an emotional Kanye as well as a host of mourners including Jay-Z, Beyonce and John Legend. Both Common and Anita Baker performed at West's funeral as well, according to Entertainment Tonight. Kanye West broke down while talking about his mother during the service at True Vine Ministries church. Dr. West's body was carried in a coffin inside of a white hearse Kanye reportedly said he wanted his mother to "rest in peace, but rest in paradise." Her father, Oklahoma City civil rights leader Portwood Williams Sr., described her as a devoted daughter and respected educator. "We were real close -- very close," said Williams. "She was just No. 1. One in a million. We have four children, and I've never heard them have an argument with each other. She was just a No. 1 person."

On behalf of the Bistro, we wish the West family our condolences..