Sunday, December 9, 2007

Are You A Star?

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Peace World,

I had a few thoughts on my mind last night, and i figured why not drop them on the blog. About two months ago, i was heading to Jersey to see an old friend, when i stopped to see my boy Damu at his Mid-town design studio at Simple Mathematics. Me and Damu always end up building on different subjects when we see each other. That day we talked about what defines a persons inner self. We discussed how a true star has the light in them; not on them. We felt that some people who have that shine on them are not stars, they are just in the light, but a person who shines from within is indeed a star because they glow from inside. We weren't talking about celebs so to say, it was more about our individuality and the soul that defines us. The funny thing was a month later, which was a month ago to date, Joe Budden released a single of his MM3 mixtape called "Star Inside Of Me". I never made the connection between what me, Damu, and Joeys video had in common, but then it hit me last night. So of course i included the video for your viewing pleasure. I guess the moral to this is that inside of us somewhere, we all have a light, a star if i may say. That star does not always create our future, but it is who we truely are within and no matter where we go, we are true in mind of what is inside.

And as for me, "that fly sh*t is inside of meeeeee". LOL.

*Shout out to Damu for the building session, and my Bistro Family for keeping me grounded.

Thx for reading. I would love to read your comments and thoughts. I'll be sure to respond in the comment forum. Enjoy the video, yah nah mean !!

Joe Budden - Star Inside Of Me