Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dubai - 5 Star Wheel Hotel

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Peace Vacationers,

This is crazy, so i take it Dubai is going to own the World one day if they keep buying everything up huh, cause they have a lot of money. Do some homework on them, when something is up forsale they are right there with their bid. I guess that's what Trump meant when he said, "Don't start a business, buy one."

*Peep this post i got via: "Casa Dubai"

Nakheel announces Dubai Promenade and Wheel-Shaped Hotel

Property developer Nakheel yesterday announced the Dubai Promenade, a sophisticated waterfront community which will create a virtual peninsula along the Dubai shoreline anchored by a five-star wheel-shaped hotel.

Dubai Promenade will be located between Dubai Marina and the seafront and is adjacent to Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC), resulting in awesome views of The Palm Jumeirah (see picture below).

Surrounded by the sea, a marina and a natural beach, Dubai Promenade will offer panoramic views, idyllic walkways, and carefully considered architecture to create a distinctly different residential and commercial environment.

The development places an emphasis on open space and waterfront lifestyle with an expansive promenade opening up the seafront to residents and visitors. In addition to a selection of commercial and residential towers, cafes, restaurants and retail offerings will span the length of the entire waterfront. Dubai Promenade will have its own marina with more than 60 berths.

Ali Bin Damithan, senior general manager - Dubai Promenade, said: “When masterplanning Dubai Promenade, we were keen to create a feeling of open space, capitalising on the waterfront views. As well as being a premium location for offices and retail, public access to the promenade will provide a unique location for families to stroll and enjoy seafront views.

“The hotel’s unprecedented shape and structure will be spectacular and no other skyline in the world offers anything like it.”

Reclamation at Dubai Promenade is being undertaken by Van Oord. It is due to be completed in the first quarter of 2008 with a total of some 750,000 tonnes of rock being placed and 650,000 cubic metres of sand reclaimed.

Construction will begin in mid-2008 and on completion, the development will accommodate approximately 10,000 residents in more than 2,000 residential units.

*Editors Notes: I'm doing just that, TAKING NOTES, are you ?