Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Four Trade Shows In One Day

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LAT 40 N
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Peace WORLD !!

I know it's a lot of pictures, trust me i know, i was flicking all day. The day was long, but great day, and i loved every minute of it. I left at early in the morning, and returned home late tonight. I figured if i'm going to hit it hard today for the Bistro fam, then i'm going to go in !!

Peep the show rundowns:

PROJECT SHOW: Was by far the best of all four, i mean why wouldn't it be? They had floors 49 - 52 at 7 World Trade Center downtown in the financial district, with views in all four directions of NYC and it's surroundings. It was crazy, like i could see the Statue of Liberty, The Empire State building, downtown Brooklyn, and so on and so on. I also never seen so many pretty women in my life !! It turns out, these brands hire models to do their sales at the their booths, go figure. As far as brands, Project houses a lot of the that Casual Luxury "L.A. Look", think Ed Hardy and Affliction. I saw a few corporate sneaker accounts, and kicked it with them for a minute, and a few Street Wear brands as well. It was hard to get into Project, so don't think just anyone can enter. ;-)

CAPSULE SHOW: Was located in a old church i believe, in The Lower East Side. Many of the brands seemed similar to those over at Project as far as their look, but still a bit more tasteful though; think lustful hipster, and a few more Street Wear brands wee in the building as well. Again, there were pretty ladies were everywhere, LOL. It was a bit tight in there because everything was so close together, so i wasn't to pleased with that, but that's because i had this big a** leather Project bag on, LOL. FYI: Public School was showing there at Capsule, and that by far is the DOPEST brand i saw all day !! I saw my homie Bi Jules, shout to her, she's doing her thing. A few of our brands were there, so i chilled out with them for a while, and also got to reached out to a brand we've been wanting to carry.

UNITED SHOW: So i couldn't wait to get the to United show in Tribeca, because this is where the Street Wear brands are mostly housed, plus i knew i was going to see some of my homies. It wasn't as big of a space as i thought it was going to be, but their was a lot of life in the room. The usual brands were showing, with a few new brands scattered around as well. Honestly, i wasn't impressed with what i saw, because out of about twenty brands, only like four are looking good for '08. I ran into Mary Paper$, who is the head director for Head Gear at Rocawear, i love that girl !! I also met my homie Femi from YUME at United, and we decided to bounce to hit the last trade show...

LAT 40 N: I couldn't wait to get to this show because this is where they for the first time, were showing fifteen brands from all around the World. This location was in the penthouse of Studio 450 in the Mid-town part of the city. When we arrived we noticed it was a smaller setting, and a bit more of an intimate show. Many of the brands were actually from Japan, and had never shown in the States before. I will not get into details, but i had a meeting with one of Japans TOP Street Wear brands, and they are loving The Bistro kid. So yea, that meeting went sweeeeeeet !! The director was such a sweetheart and made sure we enjoyed ourselves. After we browsed some of the other brands, with many translators on the floor so we could speak to the designers, me & Fem hit the lounge on the roof for a bite to eat. After a long day we decided we had had enough, and it was time to boogie out of there !!

Editors Thoughts: Hope everyone enjoyed this post, because it took like two hours to post, but i had you in mind all day !!