Saturday, January 26, 2008

Apple Ipod x (Red) Product


Peace World,

If you know me, then you know i adore any (Red) product because 10% of your proceeds for whatever it is you buy, go to families in Africa living with A.I.D.S. to buy medicine.

*Pause* (My eyes got watery for a second, real talk) :-/

Aite, so Apple has got these exclusive Ipods that are (Red) product, that are now available. When i found out, i got mad excited and ish. Sorry, that's how i get over campaigns that help the World, especially when my "Pop Cultured" friends can help out people in need, it's another way for society to help out without thinking to hard, because we tend to become spoiled and complacent sometimes, but enough with that !!

They can be can be purchased HERE: "(Red) Product Ipod"

Side Note: I need an Ipod, so feel free to feel loving with Valentines Day around the corner, LOL.