Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Ryan Leslie Dance Project 2008


*Message From SamO:

Ant boogie is teaming up with Mr. Ryan Leslie to bring to you and yours a very entertaining evening of Fresh music and funky dancing, its a performance ya'll. Ant Boogie, will be performing along side SamO, Killa Kel, Danny NFMS, and Mike Stylez of the Mighty X-FénZ empire. Expect that when the X-FénZ and Amount Boyz team up, IT'S A PROBLEM!.

Killah Kel, Chem, NFMS, and I (SamO) aka The Haters are representin' for those who got Flave. F**k the doe. We provin' we can bag up the shorties at the spot with out "Makin' it rain" on em'. Show your love and come support the show ladies and gents. We got some ill shit to prove to ya'll. Tickets will be sold both online and at the door. For more info, check the flyer up top. I'm warning ya'll now, tickets WILL be cheaper online than they are at the door, and their selling Quick. So quit frontin' and get your tickets now before it's too late. Trust, you don't want to miss this.

Editors Words: SamO, on behalf of The Bistro Crew, we wish you and your squad the best of luck homie !! REPRESENT homie !!