Thursday, February 28, 2008

Foxy Brown - The I.N.G.A. Sessions


Peace Hip-Hop !!

Aite so on my efforts to bring the you EXCLUSIVE drops, and i mean that because i haven't seen this mixtape on any blogs yet, i bring you Foxy Brown - The I.N.G.A Sessions. Notice we keep it so Street Wear around theses parts, because It's funny how i found this, and Frank 151 just so happen to be a partner on it, LOL, i do this !!

Shouts to Foxy Boogie, hold your head, i got crazy love for you ma. I remember when i met her fine self, LOL. Also, shouts to the Frank 151 & Chop Shop crew.

*UPDATE*: Foxy's people sent me over this YouTube intro, peep it !!