Friday, February 1, 2008

Interview: Sneaker Bistro Crew

-S.B.Blogspot: State Your Names !!

Joe a.k.a "Mr. Bistro" (JP to the right) Photobucket

Matt a.k.a "The Capo" Photobucket

-S.B.Blogspot: Where Are You Reppin' From?

Joe: Representing Long Island, New York.
Matt: I rep everywhere, but I reside in Long Island.

-S.B.Blogspot: What's Your Daily Grind?

Joe: The Bistro, 24/7, 365 baby !!


Matt: I'm a Geotechnical Driller by day, but the Bistro manager by night.

-S.B.Blogspot: Discuss Your Style, What Influences It, and What Inspires You?

Joe: I'm just an "Avergae Joe" (laughs). I'm good with a pair of Air Max '95's, Levi denim, and a dope tee. My inspiration comes from my customers because I do it for them.


Matt: When it comes to syle, being myself is all that counts to me. So pretty much my style consist of what I'm comfortable in. I'm inspired by designs from people with open minds.

-S.B.Blogspot: When It Comes To Celebrities, Who Do You Think Has The Most Fashion Sense?

Joe: None of them, because most of them don't dress themselves

*Editors Thought: Wooow Joe, caught me off gaurd with that one.

Matt: I hate to say it, but celebs like Kanye and Pharrell opened up the doors to show people that you didn't have to have baggy jeans, and a long tee shirt to be "cool".


-S.B.Blogspot: Joe, Why Did You Open Sneaker Bistro Boutique?

Joe: I opened up to put Long Island on the map, and to bring different type of product to the Island while serving it up exclusively.

-S.B.Blogspot: What Are Your Favorite Brands and Why?

Joe: All our brands, because if I didn't like them they wouldn't be in my store.

Matt: My favorite brands are Nike, Reebok, Kid Robot, and The Hundreds, because these brands stay true to what they stand for, and don't try to fit into someone elses mold.

-S.B.Blogspot: Who Are You hoping Will Win The Super Bowl This Sunday?

Joe: Dude, I haven't watched football in like 8 years, so to be honest, while people are gearing up for the game, I'd rather be gearing up to release a another Nike Quikestrike.

Matt: The Giants, cause like us, they are the underdog, and people thought it would never work (laughs).

-S.B.Blogspot: What Do You Think Overall About The State of Fashion, and Music?

Joe: Fashion to me is becoming repetitious, because there are way too brands popping up. As far as music is concerned, I like all types of it, and I think it's getting better.
Matt: First off, everyday I see something new, so I feel it can only get better and better as far as brands, and I also feel the same way about music.

-S.B.Blopspot: What Are Your Favorite Pair of Sneakers Ever?

Joe: For real, I don't have a favorite. I love all my kicks !!
Matt: The original "Michael Chang" Court Victory Pump. I still remember the commercial for those (laughs).

-S.B.Blogspot: What's The Number 1 Thing You Can't Live Without?

Joe: My family.
Matt: My wife and my family.

-S.B.Blogspot:  Joe, What's Next Up For Sneaker Bistro?

Joe: Actually for '08, be on the look out for some dope collabo's with some dope companies.

-S.B.Blogspot: Joe, What Advice Would You Give To Anyone That Wants To Open Up A Boutique?

Joe: Honestly, for someone who wants to open up a boutique, i say good luck, because it's hard, and it takes a lot of time, so be patient.

S.B.Blogspot: Thank you both for taking the time to do this interview. Any last words?

Joe & Matt: We like to thank everyone who supports the Bistro.

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