Friday, February 1, 2008

Nike Quickstrike "Carnival" Air Max '90




Peace Fam !!

Guess what we got? Yuppppppp, that's right; The Nike quickstrike "Carnival" Air Max '90's babyyy !! We have got a very very LIMITED number of these, so you do not want to miss out, because there hasn't been a dope release like this in a minute from Nike. I mean what more can i say; you see the pics.

The release is at 12 NOON, so be at the Bistro so you're not left out !!

For all info call the store at: 631-730-7132

Got more questions, then e-mail us at:

Big BIg Big shout out to JP for taking awesome pics !!

Editors Thoughts: DAMNNN, I KILLED IT TODAY, LOL !!