Friday, February 15, 2008

Stack Bundles: The Rare Tracks


Peace Hip-Hoppers !!

Let me get something off my chest real quick. I remember when Stack passed, tears streamed down my face fast because i can actually say i was a true fan. DISCLAIMER? I don't need one, because if you were a Desert Storm, Triangle Offense, A-team, Joey fan, then you know i had to be a Stack fan. Plus i used to talk to Quell, his manager (Quell if you read this, inbox me), which is a cool dude. Not for nothing, but i remember when i got the text from Zak at GRBG the morning it happened. I was on my way to a meeting early in the am, and i swear i was lost the whole day after hearing about it, smh. Word is "Rock Star", his album should be out this year... I hope so, because that's my word, Capo will be approached... humbly.

Anyways, after he passed mixtapes and NEW fans popped up left and right. Well that's cool because i love his music, and if his fan base grew, then it is what it is, so i never tripped if these DJ's were official or not, but i certainly wouldn't post them, but for some reason i'm really feeling this mixtape. Not to say the this dude is "DJ Clueless", but you never know. With that said, this joint is dope, it has a few tracks i've never heard, and believe me, i'll hop on the A train to Redfern for new Riot tracks if i had to get new joints, LOL !! Enjoy.