Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fat Joe: The Sneaker King

Peace Sneaker Heads,

Tonight on Myspace, i met a cool girl by the name of Jess who is a reader of the blogspot, and who also shops at the Bistro. She called herself a "Sneaker Head"; and i'm not saying she's not, but if you don't have what you just saw in Fat Joes (Album releases March 11) house or what you're about to see in my next post, then are you a true "Sneaker Head"?

I'm just asking, because many people say they are, but i grew up in The Bronx all my life, and in the late '80's and '90's, we didn't call ourself "Sneaker Head" to know we went hard with kicks. All i can tell you is that i (well my pops was buying them for me) been copping Jordan's since 85, cause my dad was getting that "cash flow" back then if you know what i mean, so i stayed fresh. All jokes aside, i'm talking about when Jordan's were on their first release, not "retro" releases, LOL. Anyways, what i'm trying to say is, you got to have the heat to back up being a real "Sneaker Head", you feel me !!

*Shout out to Jess for reading the blog, you inspired this post; we appreciate your time when stopping by here or at the store.

*Editors Thougts: This video was hard as hell to find, can't you tell by the Japanese video player? I had it sent from Japan, no, i kid i kid, but if you don't see it or our blog here later on today, then blame MTV, LOL !!

*UPDATE: The video was removed by the higher-ups; LOL, told you.