Thursday, March 13, 2008

Music: Print - Comic Book (Book 1)


Peace Hip-Hoppers,

Allow PRINT to introduce himself !!

Raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., and only 23 years of age, Print expresses himself and his experiences in life through his poetic street lyrics and metaphorical flow. Thus, creating a distinctive northern- eastern dialect in a clsss of its own. Print began his music career in Hip-Hop at the age of seventeen, preforming at local cafes and lounges around Brooklyn. With his knowledge of music and determination Print as a local act became a thing of the past as he got his first break at Virginia State University, where he opened up for Young Jeezy and Juelz Santana. At this moment Print realized that music was something he really wanted the pursue. With that in mind he began to travel the states opening up for headliners like AKON, TALIB KWELI, KEISHA COLE, GHOSTFACE KILLAH, FAT JOE, and many others. He recently performed at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival where he shut it down. Afterwards he took is lyrical content and traveled across seas performing at the big venues all over London. Print is now working on many projects and has alot of enjoyable things in the works so stay tuned and listen closely to the radio waves !!

*Download Comic Book (Book 1) via: "SEND SPACE"

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*Also check out Outasight at: "THRIFT SHOP HIP-HOP"

*Shout to Print, Outasight, Mickey Facts, and Rahsaan.

*Editors Thoughts: This mixtape is AMAZINGGG !!

*UPDATE: I just added a YouTube of Print, to convert all you non-believers.