Thursday, March 20, 2008

Website Check: The Sound Of Art


Peace Artist,

My man Tony Peralta is apart of an art movement called Sound Of Art (SOA), and he reached out to me about their new website that has just launch after much hard work. Go over to there place, check them out, and get involved, thanks !!

*Peep what they're about:

The Sound of Art is a multi-faceted visual arts-driven business. Besides acting as a liaison between a vast, international pool of artists of all stripes and the art buying public, it also functions as a cachet enhancer for corporations looking to expand their reach, image and market share by co-branding events and merchandise whereby the Sound of Art provides progressive artistic content and instant cultural credibility. The Sound of Art prides itself in its active fostering of appreciation for the Arts and participates in philanthropy with that aim in mind.

The Sound Of Art is the brainchild of its founder, Leopold. His aim was to bring to existence a company that would produce unique events - moments, if you will, for it's patrons; by creatively infusing all their functions with art in all of its manifestations, the Sound Of Art has consistently brought a certain je ne sais quoi to each event it has played a part in. Since its inception, 2002, the Sound Of Art has garnered tremendous name recognition; a partial list of its clients and sponsors includes: Apple, Volkswagen, HBO, Pepsi, Dewar's & Latina Magazine.

Mr. Vasquez has global ambitions for the SOA. Expect to see SOA in select cities across the globe. Art, Amity & Ambiance. Claim It!