Monday, April 7, 2008

Around The Bistro


Peace World,

Let me just say that most stores i go into make me feel like i have to buy something to get any kind of good customer service, and that sucks !!

People are in financial difficulty just as much as retail stores are, so we both share the pain, but that doesn't mean i won't buy anything. So it doesn't mean store owners have to be nicer, because they think i am going to purchase an item. Employee's should just be appreciative of the fact that i/we stopped in to check the place out, right? Well that's not the case at the Bistro, because even if you want to stop in to say "what's up", or even want to see what's new, definitely come through, and you will get treated with RESPECT !!

*Picture of Ruben: One of the Bistro Family/customer members.