Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gay-Unit Vol. 1 Hosted By Fat Joe


Peace Drama Lovers,

Damn, i just met 50 last week, and actually met Llyod Banks today, and not to say i don't like their music, but all is fair in love and war right? Anyways, when the Unit drops a mixtape, i'm always showing love, minus their last joint, because they were trying to hurt Joey's sales, but i support the Unit as well.

The crazy thing is, i get love via my job from both of these teams, so i feel bad. And i know things might get crazy, but hey like Hov said, "it's only entertainment..", LOL !!

*Side Note: I wouldn't dare post the reverse cover of this mixtape knowing that the Pontiac G8 (yeah, that Pontiac G8) is riddle with bullets, smh. I haven't started listening to it yet, but i'll give you an update sometime tomorrow during work.


*Via 2DopeBoyz