Monday, April 7, 2008

How Hood Are You?


I'm Soooo Hoooood !!

So the other day, i go to my cousins house to chill, and i go into the fridge to get something to drink, and pull this out. It's called "Orange Drink", which i find hilarious because, i know what the hell i'm drinking, and what color it is by looking at it, but why does it have to be named "Orange Drink"? That's like a red Honda accord being name "Red Car", LOL !!

Well, maybe i'm bugging, but i find it weird, but i guess you get what you pay for, because my cousin is so hood, that his food doesn't come with real names, HAHA !!

*Side Note: Instead of "Food For Thought", this could be like, "Cheap Orange Drink For Taste", because i'm allowed a wack post here and there right? Do you get it? Probably not...