Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Video: Pro'Verb - PSA (Jay-Z Diss)

Peace World,

Did you think i wasn't going to weight in on this one with my verbal blogging authority? HA !!

*FYI: Did you watch the ENTIRE video? Because Pro does the verse live, then plays it to you after he lays the track.

Moving forward, basically Deshawn Stevenson and LeBron have been going at it because of their nature of sportsmanship, but things have been heating up. Deshawn has been making gestures disrespecting the Roc, and so forth, so the big homie HOV jumped on (ironically) Short Dogs "Blow The Whistle" joint and did a little freestyle, which was regular, in response to dudes disrespectful manners.

Two days later, a freestyle from this dude Pro'Verb pops up, and i admit being skeptical, but i'm not anymore. Lets just say, that no, he didn't body HOV, because HOV wasn't making a diss record to begin with for another artist, but Pro'Verb did murder that joint in general...

Well, i did my job, and went a little further than your favorite blogger, so i'll get back to my day job now, LOL !!

But i'll let you tell it...