Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dr. Dre x Monster: Beats By Dr. Dre


Peace WORLD,

On my efforts to stay happy and be pleased with my life; new products are a must !!

For some time now (about 2 years), Monster Cable & Dr. Dre have been working together to create one of the best headphones on the market: "BEATS BY DR. DRE".

Now, they're due out VERY soon, or should be gracing shelves as i write this, and will run you about $349.99. I've included a few videos below to give you the experience i hope we'll have with these.

Besides that, i need these, because my gold Skull Candy's are officially dead, and the girl that gave them to me, deleted me off her Myspace friend list for God knows what reason.

*For more info, pay attention to the videos, enjoy !!