Saturday, August 30, 2008


Peace Bistro'ers,

This is the first time I'm blogging from my Sidekick LX. I'm actually on my way to the city (NYC wuddup !!), and have a nice lil weekend ahead of me; Six Flags baby !!

I've tried blogging from my Kick, before, but it's a headache, but since I was thinking of you (the reader), I thought why not give it another shot. I was even going to go as far as getting a picture from photobucket, but then I said that would be too much to do from a Kick, LOL. Anyways, I just want to wish ALL our readers a happy Holiday on behalf of the Sneaker Bistro family. We hope everyone is safe, and enjoys their Labor Day weekend, but I can't stress enough to people about being aware, because of how crazy it can get while having fun.

Joe is a work-a-holic, so ain't no telling if we'll even be closed, so be sure to hit the boutique up for hours.

I holla !!