Tuesday, August 26, 2008




What's Good Bistro Family !!

Joe called me last night (we're night owls) to update me on Day 1 in Vegas. He said, Magic is real crazy, and the convention center was packed full of people. He saw a few familiar faces, and also met some new ones, in which has been long over due. Joe rocked his Air Max '95 Parra's, a Nike tee, and a Staple Design x New Era fitted (We have those in now). He also met Jeff Staple for the first time, and said he was cool. Joe also took some meetings with our favorite brands, and will be at Project today, so stay tuned.

Big shout to Rose Mary & the entire Goliath family (Dee & Spoony, wuddup). Rose met up with Joe at Magic, and they chopped it up for a bit. She later added Joe & Jess to the Goliath blog (yes, she blogs herself, like Joe), showing much love, thank you !!

*Picture Via: Goliath Blog