Tuesday, September 23, 2008



Above: X-FENZ Crew

Names: Chemistry (Floor Obsession), SamO, NFMS, Killah Kel, Loon

-Words By SamO

The squad attended a Rhode Island B-Boy competition called SpinFactor. Known as one of the biggest competitions in the north east coast for quite a few years, the crew was put together to rep Long Island. And what better way to rep LI than in exclusive "Sneaker Bistro Knows More" tee's. The concept of this event was to have a team of 5 members, and go at it with any other crews in cypher battles. The top 2 crews of the night were to battle it out for $1,000 cash. Unfortunately, due to lack of crews, the concept failed and the cash prize was cut in half for the top 4 B-Boys who were making the most noise. 2 out of the 4 were NFMS & Killah Kel. Footage will be blogged as soon as it's posted.

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