Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tale of the Tape: Foot Fetish

Bistro Readers,

Several months ago, Mike from Woodbury came to the Bistro with a request. He was creating a videography for a college course about his love for sneakers and he wanted to do some of his filming/interviews at the shop. Having been a loyal customer for a number of years the Sneaker Bistro was glad to help aid its clientele's educational achievments. The result of his hard work is the video "Foot Fetish", which the Bistro is proud to display to all of its clients on our blogspot. With that being said, the Sneaker Bistro did not fund or script any part of the video and it does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Bistro as a whole. It is simply an artistic expression of a loyal customer who loves his kicks...no matter where he buys them. So sit back and enjoy.

Editor's Thoughts - Thanks DoC for some good conversation , and keeping me on my A game.