Friday, December 18, 2009

SBB Introduces: Meister Watches

Superstar Series (Retail: $200 - $250)

Ambassador Series (Retail: $280 - $400)

Sneaker Bistro is always trying to change it up a bit for the taste makers, so we try to bring in the freshest gear and accessories to keep you on your toes. Although G-Shock has been killin' the menu, we decided to get a bit "grown" and touch up on a different look. Introducing Meister International: VERY clean and more dressy-like feel, with a bit of a sports look to it as well.

"Meister International is a brand for leaders. Meister is rooted from the German word "Master" known as a revered leader and inspires others to master their individual crafts. Become a Meister and create the movement that teaches others."

*Give us a call for more information. 631-730-7132