Monday, January 4, 2010

Mayor Ustreaming LIVE Tonight @ 11:30p.m. EST

Although this clip may be a couple of months old, we had to show respects to the dude Mayor. From his collection to his words, he keeps it very humble-like. Stating that he does get kicks from Nike, but buys A LOT of the kicks in his collection (NO RE-SELLING!!!) is pretty real. In his words "I'm just a regular dude. No celebrity status no nothin'. Just a dude with kicks".Check this clip out for those who would like some knowledge of the sneaker game and the uber amount of AF1's. Get up on it and learn a few things.

Also for those who don't know, Mayor has been broadcasting Live on U-Stream. Giving us a little more knowledge about kicks and the culture as a whole. Check him out @ on Thursday & Sunday nights 11:30pm Eastern time. You can also follow him on twitter as well @