Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reebok: Spring Drop

Omni-Lite Pumps: Basquiat

Court Victory Pump: Hawaii Pack

Respect Pack

Twilight Zone Pump Retro

Reebok came through with quite a few selections this time around from new limited freshness, to a classic retro look.

From the Affiliate Collection just like the Rolland Berry Pump, they bring you the Jean Michel Basquiat Pump. Legendary artist from NY known for his Quotes and very unique-like artistic views (Known tag was SAMO, as in Same Ol' Bullshit). Definitely something to look into, especially if your into the art scene. "SAMO as an end to bogus pseudo intellectual. My mouth, therefore an error. Plush safe.. he think."

All the other pumps are available as well. Definitely a good look for the season. Come through and get laced up before they're all gone.

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