Friday, November 25, 2011

NEW BRAND | Introducing Daily Bread

A$AP Rocky and crew rockin' Daily Bread: Mac Miller performing in the Daily Bread Camo Logo Hoodie:
About Daily Bread:
"Based out of Pittsburgh, Daily Bread PA started in early 2009 as an online clothing and lifestyle photo journal by founder and creative director Bill Niels.

It connected readers and fans with artists, inner city culture, and music through photography. Portraying a new generation of graffiti writers, skateboarders, and hip hop artists, what was once a lifestyle of few became a movement of many.

In late 2010, Bill partnered with close friend Alex Avakian to start designing and organizing the brand's first seasonal line. Rooted in raw culture and art in all its forms, the fabric is to Daily Bread as a canvas is to an artist or a page is to a writer. And being less than 3 years old, the brand has already collaborated and worked with some of todays most unique and sought after talents."

In an article featured on, founder Bill Niels explains how Daily Bread became one of A$AP Rocky & Mac Miller's favorite clothing line.
Just when you thought the feast was over....Sneaker Bistro is the first and only spot in New York serving up Daily Bread. Stay Hungry my friends!

Sizes Available: Medium-XL

Photos: @HenRockSBB

*Phone Orders Accepted: 631.730.7132