Monday, January 30, 2012

GEAR | Slowbucks

Standard Logo Tee (Metal Grey): Standard Logo Tee (Black): Tonal/Keep Up (Red + Black): Tonal/Keep Up (Close up): Logo Crewneck (Charcoal): Logo Hood (Black + Heather): Zip Up Hood (Red, Black, Heather): Zip Up Hood (Front close up): Zip Up Hood (Back center): Zip Up Hood (Back lower right):

The snail is back! Its been a minute but Slowbucks is back on The Bistro Menu! Their latest drop includes two of their classic classic logo tees and two new Tonal tees, as well as a crewneck, two pullover hoodies and three zip up hoodies. Slowbucks gear has a tendency to move quicklly off the shelves so "KEEP UP!"

Sizes Available: Medium-2XL

Photos: @HenRockSBB

*Phone Orders Accepted: 631.730.7132