Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Interview: Tobias Harris


-S.B.Blogspot: Peace Kid, State Your Name.

Tobias Harris   

-S.B.Blogspot: Where Are You Reppin' From?

Tobias: Dix Hills, New York   

-S.B.Blogspot: What's Your Daily Grind?

Tobias: Working on my game, and chillen with my boys.   

-S.B.Blogspot: Discuss Your Style In Fashion, And What Influences It?

Tobias: I like clothing lines that are unique, and show a lot of flavor, because I like to wear clothes that separate me from others.   

-S.B.Blogspot: What Are Your Favorite Brands, And Why?

Tobias: I like Nintendo by Torrel, because that brand is bringing something new and hot, which has a lot of swag to it. I also like 10 deep, because they're creative with their pieces.


-S.B.Blogspot: What Is Your Favorite Type Of Music, And Who Are Your 3 Favorite Artist?

Tobias: I like Hip-hop!! My favorite artist are: Jay-Z, Lil' Wayne, and Joe Budden. Right now those 3 are all playing in my ipod. 

-S.B.Blogspot: Describe What Inspires, And Drives You To Be One Of The Best Players On Long Island?

Tobias: Just knowing that I haven't done nothing yet, so i'm going to be in the gym everyday trying to get better than I am now.  

-S.B.Blogspot: What Was Your Most Memorable Game To Date?

Tobias: When we played Riverhead, I hit the 1000th point mark, and dropped 52 that night. 


-S.B.Blogspot: Who Do You Look Up To, In Or Out The Industry?

Tobias: I look up to my dad, because he's helped me with everything in my game. He taught me how to play; he's influenced me to work harder. I also look up to my older brother for keeping me focused, and not letting the success get to my head.   

-S.B.Blogspot: What Is One Thing You Can't Live Without?

Tobias: Basketball, because I don't know what I would be without it; probably just a 6'7 skinny kid (laughs).   

-S.B.Blogspot: What's Your Favorite Sneakers Ever?

Tobias: My favorite sneaker ever would be the Jordan 11's black, red, and white.   


-S.B.Blogspot: Tobias, Thank You For Taking The Time To Do This Interview, and we wish you the best for '08. Is There Anything Else You'd Like To Say To The Readers?

Tobias: Shout out to my family, my boys, and Sneaker Bistro for doing this interview.

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