Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hot 97 Interview: Fat Joe


Peace Tastemakers,

My man Joey Crack has been running around doing his interviews for his new album, and you know he stays mad fresh unlike some other rappers from New York that dress mad corny. While on the Hot 97 interview with Angie they showed him rocking some Jordan 5 x AF1 collabo's in brown/orange that were crazyyy !!

Then he was on 106 & Park, and had on another pair of the Jordan 5 x AF1 collabo's in black/blue that were bananas, but i couldn't get the video. I was only able to take a screenshot of the video, but you get the point about the big homie. His album is now in stores, so go get that, because it is dope.

*Editors Thoughts: I can't be diplomatic; it's not me, so i ride with Joey. Just because the Unit is consistent doesn't mean it's of all quality. Though i like their music, i identify as a true New Yorker with Joey and his music, plus his sh*t is CRACK, so thank God for that whiteee !!

*FYI: Check the chatbox where people were dissing the Unit, and i had nothing to do with it, LOL. I think i actually made a point about people who are listening to 50, so it is what it is.