Friday, August 29, 2008


*Joe doesn't fly much* Photobucket

*Joe & Jess touch down* Photobucket

*Wayne (left) of Vault NYC & Rose Mary (Right) of Goliath* Photobucket

*We in the houseee !!* Photobucket

*Professional Fighter Kimbo Slice* Photobucket

Joe just kicked over some pictures from day 1 in Vegas, and said it was crazy. He doesn't fly much so he had to take a few pills to relax him, which i don't blame him, because i'm not big on flying myself. Day 1, at Magic was packed he said, like a huge flea market, LOL. He got to see and meet with some of your favorite brands, store owners, and celebrities.

Shout to Wayne of Vault & Rose Mary of Goliath boutiques.