Friday, August 29, 2008


*Entrance to the Project show* Photobucket

*Reebok booth* Photobucket

*Jarah doing her thing with Incase* Photobucket

*KidRobot booth* Photobucket

*Joe with his SBB tee & Nike Air ?uesto's* Photobucket

*Appointment to see Nike** Photobucket

*Mos Def in a crowd doing his thing* Photobucket

*New Era x Antenna Mag party via Mix nightclub* Photobucket

*Leaders crew from Chicago* Photobucket

*Josh & Eric of 10 Deep with Joe* Photobucket

*Joe with Rashad of Play Cloth* Photobucket

*Joe & Jess stayed at the famous Luxor hotel & casino* Photobucket

*Jess hits the slots* Photobucket

Day 2 was busy for the SBB team, and Joe said, he had meetings not only at Magic & Project, but all over the city as well. He had a few meetings at the Project show with brands like Reebok & DC Shoes. He then bounced back for a minute to the Magic show to check the Crooks & Castles homeboys from LA, and saw Mos Def was getting busy by their booth. Later that night, Joe & Jess decided to go to the New Era x Antenna Mag party at the Mix nightclub. Joe said, it was bananas, and he had a good time. He also told me some behind the scenes stories, but we'll just keep those to ourselves..

Shouts to Eric & Josh of 10 Deep, and Rashad of Play Cloth.

*Side Note: Hi Jarah, hope all is well.