Friday, August 29, 2008


*Vandalizing taxi cab headrest* Photobucket

*Stussy x Neighborhood store* Photobucket

*Justin of Stussy with Joe and his "Boneyard" Blazers* Photobucket

*Anna & Justin of Stussy Vegas* Photobucket

*UNDFTD Vegas crew* Photobucket

*Joe with Bill & staff at Suite 160* Photobucket

*Matt & Noli of Status Corporate of Cincinnati with Joe* Photobucket

Peace World,

Being that we are a boutique, i'd figure we make a separate post dedicated to spots Joe went to while in Vegas. On the list is, Stussy x Neighborhood, Suite 160, and Undefeated. Joe had nothing to say, but good things about all the stores, and thanks them for reading our blog. He wanted to give a special shout out to Anna (i think she's hot) & Justin of Stussy x Neighborhood for great customer service. And much love to Bill of Suite 160, who is actually a Bistro customer as well; he shops from Vegas.