Friday, August 29, 2008


*Joe's Freebies from the shows* Photobucket

*As if you didn't already know* Photobucket

*Joe's a really nice guy i swear* Photobucket

*Nooka says it's time to jet* Photobucket

*Straight to NYC baby* Photobucket

*I think Joe rolls commercial* Photobucket

*Till next year* Photobucket

I remember Joe telling me, day 3 wasn't too crazy, because he didn't have many meetings, but i think he snuck one or two import ones in. He mainly took the time left to spend with Jessica, and just chilled. Joe truly had a good time while in Vegas, and really soaked it all in, and trust me, he is amped up for the rest of '08/'09. I was told last night that new brands will be arriving at the Bistro soon, but you guys/girls are going to have to wait for us to reveal them, because our blog is highly scoped, yah heard !!

But thank you for reading; from coast to coast & Worldwide. ;-).